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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

FreeGuerrero Releases "Don't Hit My Line"

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"Don’t Hit My Line" by FreeGuerrero is a song about wanting to move on but having your ex call you after the club or night out making it hard to resist the temptation. It’s about the frustration we experience when we’re trying to move on but they just won’t let us. All of that on a track with an 80s synth vibe to tie these ideas together.

My next EP project will have a lot of different sounds and vibes to it. “Don’t hit my line” was the first official release that feels like the direction in where I want to take my sound as I develop. A lot of my songs will be about relationships, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I often think to my self what would relationships look like had the cell phone not been invented.. Would we still write letters? Would we call landlines in the middle of the night? It’s hard to say but we can say that a lot of those text from our ex’s would not have been answered, those 2 AM FaceTimes would’ve never tested out willpower and maybe less hearts would have been broken. 

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