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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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Venezuelan Singer-Songwriter Tad GM


Venezuelan singer-songwriter Tad GM impacts people worldwide with his authenticity, humility and down-to-earth and simple musical style. His artistic roots began at the age of 6 when he studied music for six years before he moved to Europe for the promise of new and better opportunities. After 28 years of trials and tribulations, Tad GM emerges with a new song "She's Like Fuego", the English with Spanish Reggaeton commercial anthem... "Because you are the star", this is Tad GM.

Monday, June 13, 2022

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Los productores CUBAN DEEJAYS lanzan este nuevo sencillo, de un éxito del año 2000 en España e Italia junto con MICHAEL CHACON y uno de los artistas más reconocidos en Republica Dominicana con millones de streaming CHIMBALA, una canción que tiene la mezcla de un éxito ya consolidado, junto con los nuevos sonidos introducidos por Cuban Deejays y el toque innovador de un súper artista como Chímbala, una canción muy veraniega. 

Haz clic aquí para escuchar.

Friday, June 10, 2022

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Dominican Irish Artist Jame Minogue Releases Sophomore EP "Príncipe Azul"


Today, genre-defying Dominican-Irish artist jame minogue makes his mark on global pop with the release of his sophomore EP Príncipe Azul (Prince Charming). A true cocktail of genre, minogue blends indie, synth-pop, and funk with traditional Latin elements to paint an 8-track chronological tale of falling in love, each track seeing a maturation in the artist’s perception of love and romance. The cohesive offering deconstructs the myth of Prince Charming, filled with anecdotes directly inspired by his own experiences. The Latin-infused production by frequent collaborators Omar Tavarez (Pitbull), Mark Pelli (MAGIC!) and minogue himself sees the artist’s full embrace of his Dominican upbringing, solidifying his ability to create music that surpasses the mainstream while his knack for cheeky lyricsim allows him to float seamlessly between English and Spanish. Príncipe Azul bridges gaps across cultures, while bringing together listeners of all backgrounds. 

Príncipe Azul travels through an evolution of perspective, as minogue comes to understand that love isn’t based on materialism or status. minogue sees fragments of himself in his character, Principe Azul. On this, he shares, “Principe Azul is a character who thinks love is simply a superficial endeavor. He’s based on my own early views of love. This journey is a representation of what life and love can be like when you’re starting out on your own in the “adulting” world, and what it feels like when you finally figure out what love is all about.”

The EP begins with title-track “Príncipe Azul,” an intro borrowing from a classic bachata called “Medicina De Amor.” The Spanish lyrics are tragic and painful, painting his emotional state at the beginning of the journey. It then leads into fan favorite track “Hate Being in Love,” exploring the dualistic side of newfound romance. The project journeys through a powerful curation of brand new tracks, including focus track “You’re Thinking Of Me,” an up-beat, funk-infused offering which sees an overcompensating, cocky perspective of love, a front stemming from the pain of previous relationships. “Minute In The Morning,” “El Platanero,” “Morir Soñando” and “I’ll Get There” continue the narrative, each track building a character who is opening up to vulnerability. Finally, the project is bookended with his highly praised Bossa Nova Spanish love ballad “Tu Me Ha Cambiado,” which explores love through a new, positive lens, providing a powerful antithesis to the beginning of the EP. 

2021/2022 have proven to be years of high accomplishments for the breakthrough talent. Minogue will open for The Marías in Santo Domingo on August 26th (tickets available here) for his debut in the Dominican Republic, and has received global support from media tastemakers around the world, including Apple 1’s Travis Mills, Spotify’s New Music Friday, New Music Friday Latin, Anti Pop, Fresh Finds Latin, Latin Pop Rising (and more), as well as radio play in the US, Mexico City and the Dominican Republic. Príncipe Azul marks the rising cantante's coming into himself as an artist through his progressive, cross-cultural sound, as he solidifies himself as a true musical maven in the global pop scene.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Nove Alchibany Debuts New Singles


Nove Alchibany debuts 2 new records on Latin Vibes Radio. 

The NY Recording artist, who is promoting his own brand debuts "Insania (camisa de fuerte)" and "Pikete". 

Watch and subscribe to his Youtube here:

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

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Zeki Debuts "Te Caliento"

Puerto Rico star Zeki debuts his new single "Te Caliento".

Listen a a sample below and click here to stream on Apple Music.

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Friday, May 6, 2022

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British Producer Sheiko Collaborates on "Verdad O Reto" & "No Lie - Enamora"


Sheiko or Sheiko Litho is an independent British executive producer and writer who collaborates with a team artists all over the world. With "No Lie-Enamora" we decided to work with a vocalists we had worked with in English to do a song that is unique in that it crosses genre boundaries. We were also looking to take the intensity of love, attraction and express it through a song that's no only romantic but danceable. We were also exploring the ideas of maturity in relationships, in the ability to be genuine and up front and truthful about things before we get into it. So when we were working on Truth or Dare the EP, and other cross-genre songs like Truth or Dare and Verdad O Reto, it all really fell into place, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

We loved the process of making so much that we consciously decided to work with Marce Smith and Sheikomuzik to make Verdad O Reto which not only touches those different genres, although we don't like to box it and crosses international boundaries in that we sang it in Spanish, Bahasa (Indonesia) and English. It's a labor of love about love, so we hope you enjoy it as mush as we enjoyed the process of creating.

Check out both songs now on Latin Vibes Radio and follow @sheiko99991 on instagram.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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DJ Chart Drops New Reggaeton Hit "Beautiful Day"


Beautiful Day is DJ Chart's new reggaeton hit and it's a positive mood for gray days with catchy tunes.

The song gets you in the holiday mood and invites you to dance and celebrate. He features the voices of Woody B and Mima Kambay. "Beautiful Day" is playing now on Latin Vibes Radio but you can listen below.

DJ Chart (Ivan Herb) was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland. He produces with many well known artists like Loona, Capitain Jack or Mark Ahsley, Amal Jose, Montreea, The Man etc, with over 44 million streams (Spotify, ITunes, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.)

Known as a producer with the Best Charts, Hit Explosion, Sport and many other compilations, he has released more than 270 songs till now with various chart successes all over the world with different styles of music. The music is also played on TV in many countries, such as breakfast television in Germany, and other programs in Hungary, the USA, etc.

The music ranges from commercial to experimental, various influences are integrated.

Music: Pop, House, Reggaeton, Moombahton, Latinpop, Latin-House, EDM, Electro, Dance, Tropical House, Vocal House, NEW 80s, Chillout, Trap, Hop Hip, Electro Pop, Electro Pop, Electro Pop, Deep House and Trance, Rock, RNB

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