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Thursday, February 18, 2021

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Brilla Media Launches Innovative Branded Latinx Entertainment, Media Platform for Marketers


Ralph Paniagua, Manny Ruiz, and Joseph Paniagua, the pioneer founders of the Hispanic social media industry, sports marketing, pop culture festivals, media, and press release wire services are joining forces to launch Brilla Media (

The Latino-owned company will leverage decades of expertise, strategic alliances, and insights to provide brand marketers with innovative Latinx branded entertainment, media, and experiential storytelling.

Fueled by its proprietary premium content distribution platform that integrates Paid, Owned, Earned, and Partnerships for guaranteed delivery of CPE campaigns, Brilla Media features five service pillars: Brilla Media (distribution), Brilla Live (festivals and livestreams), Brilla Creative (branded storytelling), Brilla Social (influencer and social media amplification), and Brilla Purpose (social good).

Pop Culture Festivals Coming to L.A., NYC, and Miami

In 2021, Brilla’s growing slate of innovative content offerings will prominently feature a coast-to-coast trifecta of major Latinx pop culture live stream festivals in L.A., NYC, and Miami. Cinco de Mayo L.A. will anchor the West Coast on May 1 with a star-studded Spring-time festival. The summer will highlight the Empire State’s venerable 116th Street Festival on July 10th. Hispanic Heritage Month will be the theme of Miami’s epic Fall program, NuestroFest on October 2. If conditions permit, all three festivals will take place physically as well as virtually in 2022.

Thanks to Brilla’s premium digital and broadcast TV platform, all three bilingual, multi-generational festivals will garner millions of verifiable, Guaranteed on-target views for brand partners. (To inquire about our services, email

“Our ability to guarantee premium views for branded storytelling content - including our Trifecta of festivals - is a chief cornerstone of Brilla’s offering and something that is only possible through the team and partners we’ve assembled,” said Brilla Media Managing Partner Joseph Paniagua.

“Nothing I’ve done before compares to the sheer scale of partnerships, digital media inventory, reach, talent, celebrity and influencer access that Brilla already represents from Day One of its operations,” said Manny Ruiz, Co-Founder of Brilla Media. “I’m extremely honored to be part of a platform that is truly Latino-owned and will also have a huge focus on producing Social Good projects that continuously serve our Latinx community.”

Brilla Stands for Social Good

The company’s name is significant because Brilla (breeyah) literally means shine in Spanish, and the brand’s storytelling DNA is already associated with being a purpose-driven Force for Good. In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the Brilla team produced three major live stream festivals that helped raise more $1.6 million for 25 Latinx non-profit organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. (The team’s Altísimo Live festival to support America’s farmworkers is a finalist for the 2021 PRWeek Multicultural Marketing Campaign of the Year).

As part of its Force For Good heritage, Brilla is pledging to contribute cash and/or marketing resources on a year-round basis to select, non-political-oriented, nonprofit organizations that serve the Hispanic community.

“The timing for Brilla meets the needs of a fast-changing industry that must evolve with new and creative ways to engage the Latino consumer,” said Brilla Media Co-Founder Ralph Paniagua.

Brilla is a Guaranteed Media Placement Powerhouse

To augment the client’s branded content reach, Brilla integrates news and influencer website placements through its partnerships with Latinx Newswire and Pop Culture Newswire. Brilla has also established partnerships with Latinx Newswire and Pop Culture Newswire. Effective this week, both wire services began offering brands guaranteed reach and automated reports for online placements that are the most comprehensive in their niche - and part of Brilla’s earned media assets.

About Brilla Media
Latino-owned and operated, Brilla Media provides brand marketers with innovative Latinx branded entertainment, media, and experiential storytelling.

Fueled by a proprietary premium content distribution platform that integrates Paid, Owned, Earned, and Partnerships, Brilla Media ALWAYS guarantees results for branded CPE campaigns.

The company features five service pillars: Brilla Media (distribution), Brilla Live (festivals and livestreams), Brilla Creative (original storytelling), Brilla Social (influencer and social media amplification), and Brilla Purpose (social good).

Brilla’s team was created by Ralph Paniagua, Manny Ruiz, and Joseph Paniagua, the pioneer founders of the Hispanic social media, sports marketing, pop culture festivals, and press release wire service industries.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

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How Groz Balances Healing the World and Sharing His Music


Rosemond Gomez-Joseph, musically known as Groz, is a bicultural latin american singer who’s using his gifts to help heal the world. Working in psychology for the past 26 years, he began working at Health Crisis Network in Miami, FL as an Addiction therapist providing intervention, prevention and daily group and individual sessions for dual diagnosis clients. From there he went to Haiti with the US Department of State as an Observer for the restoration of Democracy. Later he worked with at risk kids in the CITY GANGS PROJECT that was funded by the Governor’s Drug-Free-Community-Program to help high-risk youth on staying in school and delivering services to incarcerated youths.  

Many of the positions he held have been in partnership with both the Public-School system and the Department of Juvenile Justice. He loved those fields and the communities that are affected by gangs and early incarcerations.

In July 2001 he started a non-for profit organization dealing with HIV/AIDS, mental health, substance abuse, prevention, intervention and medical missions in the third world countries (HAITI, NICARAGUA, and DOMINICAN REPUBLIC).

Groz is a continuous learner and well-focused on his paths

As focused as he’s been in helping others, including branching out into sports management after a career high school/college basketball star, Groz is devoting his time to promoting and reaching his goals as a singer.

“I will accomplish my goals by working with others in the music industry that can get my music out there to the ears of those that can make a difference,” he says. “My music will speak to the world through the message that I am singing about and I am open for criticism that will make me much better.  Please enjoy and support my dreams and all wounded warriors.”

Listen to his single “Girl I Love You” now playing on Latin Vibes Radio.

Friday, February 5, 2021

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Dominican Star Altur Santos Releases La Combi


Robert Arturo Mejia Santos, (born October 28th, 1993), known professionally as Altur Santos, is an Dominican Reggaeton Singer and songwriter from Dominican Republic. His aim is write positive uplifting music that encourages people to work toward their dreams.

Robert Santos was born in San Pedro De Macoris son of Ana Gil Cesarina Rivas from Santiago Rodriguez, Dominican Republic.he has 3 younger brothers, who are all currently musicians in Dominican Republic. He began studying music specifically saxophone at the age of 11, he began also singing and recording music by the age of 15. He was inspired by his mother, Ana Gil who was a professional trumpet player who played with many talented Bands in the Dominican Republic.

At the age of 21, his mother tragically passed away due to a medical condition leaving him and his 3 younger brothers to grow and use their musical talents to make ends meet. Having only his grandmother and his younger brothers, Robert decided to travel to North America to look for better opportunities to financially support his family back home.

From an early age had a passion for the Latin urban genre composing his own music and assisting many other artists with their musical pursuits in writing and composing their music.

Check out the video below.

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Sunday, January 31, 2021

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Héctor Valentín Releaess New Album "Me Quité"


Me Quité is a master production of musical director, composer, arranger and producer by Manolito Simonet with contribution from Adalberto Alvarez. Salsa and Timba lovers highly revere Manolito Simonet for the innovative and unique musical sound of his arrangement and production. In this latest release, he uses Héctor Valentín’s incredible vocals to create a melting pot of Son, Salsa and tropical like never before .

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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David Melodioso Releases "Fertile Grounds 3"


David Melodioso is Latino singer from Houston, TX who released some new singles. He has 4 current singles from his "Fertile Grounds 3" album.

Lejos - Describes the feeling when you're far 
from your loved one for an extended period of time
Bella - Describes when you're falling in love with a girl from a distance
Me Haces Sentir - Describes how the person you're in love with makes you feel
Aclarar - Describes when you want to clarify misunderstandings with you loved one

Tune in to Latin Vibes Radio to hear David Melodioso and click below.
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Friday, January 22, 2021

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Eng2Esp Releases new Spanish Cover "Lonely"


Eng2ESP covers the most popular English songs in espanol.

Listen to the spanish cover of Lonely by Eng2Esp  Originally sang by Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco the new ENG2ESP brings you this awesome Espanol Cover of the original song!

Check it out below and subscribe to Eng2Esp's youtube channel here:

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Reverie & Louden - "The Basement"


West Coast emcee Reverie teams up again with her brother Louden on her newest single, "The Basement." Check out the new video below and follow @ReverieLove on social media.