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Friday, May 7, 2021

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FIAP Face to Face Webinar Reúne a Círculos Creativos Iberoamericanos (11 de mayo)


El Club de Creativos de España, el Círculo Creativo de México y el Círculo Creativo USA, compartirán opiniones y experiencias acerca de la importancia de las competencias y la celebración de premios locales y regionales, así como los beneficios para los creativos y sus agencias de participar en el FIAP 2021.

Lo aprendido en 2020, objetivos comunes a futuro, los aportes a la industria, entre otros temas, formarán parte de la agenda del webinar FIAP Face to Face titulado “Círculo de Círculos”.

El encuentro es el próximo martes 11 de mayo a las 11AM Miami, 10AM México y 5PM España, y será moderado por Mara Fernández, Associate Publisher y directora sénior de PRODU, con un panel que incluye a Concha Wert, directora general del c de c; Gabriela Walls y Jorge Ortega, copresidentes del Círculo Creativo de México, y Flor Leibaschoff, presidenta del Círculo Creativo USA.

Daniel Marcet, CEO del FIAP, ha destacado que en esta edición del festival presentaran un nuevo método de evaluación que realza el valor de los premios locales y reconoce el trabajo que desempeñan las asociaciones de agencias o círculos de creativos que los organizan.

Siga el enlace para registrarse:

Durante 31 años, PRODU ha sido el proveedor líder de contenido para los profesionales de la televisión, la publicidad y la tecnología en Latinoamérica, España y el mercado hispano de EE UU. Los cambios rápidos y constantes del mundo consumidor de los medios han hecho que PRODU sea flexible y se adapte a este contenido especializado; proporcionando soluciones cotidianas segmentadas para sus exigentes lectores en cada plataforma. PRODU genera publicaciones comerciales periódicas (impresas) y directorio en línea: Who’s Who Online y el sitio web y boletín de noticias más prestigioso y consultado para las industrias de televisión, publicidad y tecnología (en línea). Adicionalmente, PRODU ofrece tres boletines informativos gratuitos que llegan a más de 30.000 tomadores de decisiones y profesionales ejecutivos todos los días.

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King Lil G Lives Like a Boss in "Mexican Trap"


Today, Los Angeles rapper King Lil G releases the hard-hitting lead single “Mexican Trap” from his upcoming album Gangster Movie. With the single, he takes his sound into new territory, integrating bounce-worthy production and bulletproof bars in both English and Spanish. Along with being a songwriter, the multitalented King Lil G shows off his chops as a director too. The music video, directed by and starring himself, shows the dangerous life of a boss surrounded by luxury cars, jewelry, and beautiful women. 

King Lil G explains, “I wanted to start rapping about what my life has become. There’s nobody else doing what I do as a Mexican-American and I’m here to show the world with this new sound and direction mixing English with Spanish over trap beats that a Mexican can take this sound to the next level. I’m here to stay and King Lil G is going to the top.”
“Mexican Trap” follows his album 90’s Kid, Vol 2 released in 2020. That project featured the singles “Unemployment” and “Hollowtips” that gained over 5 million views on YouTube, with the latter featured on Apple Music’s “Hot Tracks” playlist and hitting #11 on YouTube’s trending videos. His dedicated fanbase has led to over half a billion YouTube views and 1 million subscribers, along with 100 million Spotify streams and 3 million followers across social media.

King Lil G is a true artist with an honest message of hope. Creator of Sucios, “a positive movement that has to do with freedom and not being afraid to accomplish and do things. It’s empowerment for those that don’t think they can make it and come from nothing.” His music packs a punch dealing with the harsh realities of street life growing up in Los Angeles. The independent rap superstar makes a strong point to give his dedicated fan-base motivational messages of self-empowerment despite any circumstance. 

G has driven more than half a billion YouTube views with more than 1 Million subscribers. His reach is staggering, with over 100 million Spotify streams and 3 million followers on social media. With a passion for music as well as the visuals that tell the story he cultivated a dream through hard work and sacrifice. Now, the highly-accomplished rapper, producer and director readies himself with a new sound. “A lot of my music talked about my past,” says the artist whose work has been praised by VICE, XXL, and VIBE, among others. “Now, I’m rapping about my present.” 

As an independent veteran, the artist born Alex Gonzalez recalls treating his early songs, albums, and tours as a demo of sorts, hoping to attract interest from the big labels. “As the years went by, I dropped videos that went into the millions heavy; I went on tour selling out tons of shows. I always challenged myself to do better. I kept trying to get to that ultimate level, not realizing that I already moved my own machine and created my lane.” By the time labels were reaching out, they had nothing to offer. Today, G wants to share that mentality with his base as a high school dropout from the often avoided parts of L.A. “I want people to use my life as motivation,” he explains. The longtime inspiration wants to create aspiration, encouraging listeners that they can do it too.

CONNECT WITH KING LIL G: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube
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Hispanicize Hangout with Xolo Maridueña, Star of Netflix's "Cobra Kai"


Hispanicize Hangout is back with a very special Mother’s Day edition featuring the star of Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’, Xolo Maridueña and his Mother, Carmelita Ramírez-Sánchez, Executive Director of the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory. As Mother’s Day is upon us, we know that in the Latinx community, the matriarch is everything and the relationship we have with our mothers is held in the highest regard. Our Mothers guide us. They are our earliest teacher and they show us that resilience is the key in life. Whether things are going good or bad, our Mami is our compass, our northstar and we always find our way back to her strength and love that she showered us with in the past and/or present. In this episode we hear from a rising star whose early influence in the world of creative arts, from his Mom, Carmelita, clearly shaped his aspirations and gave him the ganas to tackle Hollywood and go after his dreams. We hope you enjoy this special Hispanicize Hangout with Xolo and Carmelita.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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FreeGuerrero Releases New Single "All My Girls" (part 2)


The idea behind Free Guerrero's new single "All My Girls" (part 2) shows the perspective of hustlers who move from city to city trying to chase down their dreams. "it always seems like every place we stop we find a girl who is down to join the journey, even if it's just temporary. This is a song for them about the nights we spend partying together and how they always feel special."

"This is a pretty special song because 4 years ago this was the first commercial hit me and my producer IceBaby brought to life. At that time we were recording in his garage out in his back yard. It would be like 30 degrees, but we would be in there freezing our asses off trying to figure out how to record on garage band. When we released the first version, it was pretty well received but I always knew we could do better. As I got more experience going to different studios and working with different engineers, I finally got to a place where I felt it was time to resurrect the song, so here we are! Shout out to Julian at Golden Impala for his mixing and mastering on this version!"

Check out the single below and listen in here on Latin Vibes Radio.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

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Haitian-Born Star Bio Mo BITW Releases New Spanish Single "Zulia"


Multilingual Haitian-born singer/engineer Big Mo BITW was raised in Miami, FL  Both of his parents are from Haiti.  He's always looking to show love to his fans across the world, especially in Latin America. 

"I always look for ways to show love back to fans through my art and content in general. My single “Zulia” was inspired to show love to the people in Venezuela and to other Venezuelans all over the world. And I hope they all know how much I love them and I appreciate their love for me. And I always want to take the time to let Venezuelans know that they are beautiful people with beautiful souls and beautiful hearts and I hope they receive the love that the song “Zulia” is sending for them. 

“Zulia” is Big Mo's 2nd Spanish song. "I’ve been seriously learning spanish since 2015 and started writing songs in spanish in 2020. With more in the works of course. I plan to for more Latin American country themed songs. But for now, I just want people to enjoy this song, to dance, to smile, to laugh, to have fun, and to feel sexy."

Tune in here on Latin Vibes Radio to listen to his new single.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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Dominican Star W Wilkins Releases New Hit "Hiedra Venenosa"

Lo mas reciente de W.Wilkins con su sencillo " Hiedra Venenosa " Desde Republica Dominicana. Artista revelacion de la musica urbana 2021 " Que esperas ? Escuchalo ya!

Check out the latest release from Dominican artist W Wilikins, "Hiedra Venenosa". Watch the video below and click here to listen on your favorite platform!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

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Slowmo Releases Nuevo Single "A Solas"

A latino hit with groovy vibes and a beat that makes you want to get up and dance, “A Solas” is the newest release from Montreal based artist SlowMo. Showing once again that his Salvadorian roots make it easy for him to break cultural barriers with music in French, English and Spanish.

A Solas was recorded in one of Miami’s finest studios “HouseOfHits”. It was mixed and mastered by none other than Mr. MixAndMaster, whom you might know for his work with Bad Bunny, Sech, Daddy Yankee and many other big names in the industry.

This work of art really sets the pace for SlowMo’s musical career and entices us to stay tuned for his upcoming projects. From the moment you hear the intro, SlowMo captivates you with his stunning vocals and an amazing melody. Reminiscing about his time in Miami with a woman, he lets you in on a story of lust and a walk down memory lane. The catchy chorus makes you sing along (or hum for my non-singers) as soon as you hear it. You won’t forget the melody even when you try … and trust me, I’ve tried! With the sensual lyrics and a smooth tempo, the verses keep your head bouncing and your feet moving with SlowMo’s harmonic voice guiding you through the storyline of this reggaeton hit.
Not only is this song a great masterpiece but the visuals that SlowMo dropped are sincerely captivating. From the first to last scene, it gives you this “In Miami pero solo” vibe to match his lyrics, which translates to “Another night in Miami far from you”. Dancing and enjoying the presence of a woman with him you quickly understand that they are only distant memories that he can’t escape.

With this release, SlowMo sets the bar high for his upcoming projects. An amazing addition to the Spanish music market he has us waiting for more. Make sure you add it to your playlist and share it with others.