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Friday, May 12, 2023

Acid Funk releases Latin Fusion Hit "E 116 St"

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Experience the vibrant culture of East Harlem through the infectious beats and rhythms of 'E 116St,' the latest release from Niko Nota - an up-and-coming music producer, audio engineer, and founder of Acid Funk.

Inspired by his upbringing in New York City, Niko's fusion of Latin and hip hop with his signature electronic style takes listeners on a journey through the streets of East Harlem. With 'E 116St,' Niko captures the essence of this iconic neighborhood and its diverse communities in a way that only music can.
As the founder of Acid Funk, Niko Nota has made it his mission to create music specifically designed for TV, broadcast, and film. Through his music, he offers a unique and innovative approach to soundtracking, fusing classic dance, alternative R&B, hip hop, Latin, electronic, and garage into a sound that is truly his own.
Join Niko Nota on a journey through the streets of East Harlem with 'E 116St,' and discover the soulful fusion of Latin, hip hop, and electronic music that defines his unique sound.

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