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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Aywa x Jere Profeta - "Ella"

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Ella is a brand new Latin reggaeton pop duet about a lost love both singers still long for even though they are somewhat tormented by her. It was commissioned by Precipice Records who originally intended for it to be shopped as an unreleased track for synch opportunities; however, it turned out so well that they decided to release it with a high-quality official music video.

The music was written, mixed and mastered by Klap Tools from which Thomas Petliuk, who goes by the artist name of Aywa is a Co-founder. Aywa is a world class vocalist, music composer, song writer, pianist, synth designer and producer that has collaborated with major labels artists like Tiago PZK, Kodigo, Coscu, etc. Under his artist name Aywa, Thomas has written, composed, produced and performed on dozens of broadcast quality tracks. When asked about Ella he stated “I wrote the music in the style it was commissioned for but added my own style to it as I am always looking to create a new sound, something no one has heard before.”

The lyrics were written by Axel Murano who goes by the artist name Klave. Axel is also a world class vocalist and song writer. Under his artist name, Klave has numerous broadcast quality releases with almost 100k subscribers on YouTube alone. Klave described the impetus for the lyrics being “most everyone has longed for a lost love and some of us have been strung along by that same lost love who doesn’t want you but won’t let you go.”

The song is sung by Aywa and a second artist named Jere Profeta. Like Aywa and Klave, Jere has numerous broadcast quality tracks of his own. Jere’s following includes 18k monthly listeners on Spotify. It is not uncommon for him to get over a million plays on a release from Spotify alone. “I really enjoy working with Aywa and Klave as we go back a ways and have made a lot of music together, that is one of the reasons this song turned out as good as it did,” said Jere.

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