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Sunday, August 21, 2022

JULIÁN DYSART launches career with socially charged single “NN12”

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Los Angeles singer/songwriter Julián Dysart is releasing his first single, “NN12,” independently.

“I wrote this song as an ode to desaparecidos everywhere. In Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela… kids are going missing like a pair of socks. We let ourselves become so desensitized because the truth is too painful. We see them as a statistic, another “Jane Doe”, another number like “NN12”… but they’re really no different from us.” - Julián Dysart

Born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents, Julián Dysart is a Latin alternative R&B artist, songwriter and producer with a multicultural influence. Julián began making beats and singing while playing jazz in various bands during high school and college. His early sound already had an innate sense of groove and melody, blending modern hip-hop production with his talents for Brazilian Guitar harmony and hypnotic Afro-Cuban hand-percussion. As his production and vocals improved, Julián’s focus shifted toward sharpening his pen and writing songs with more intention. He recently began collaborating with other artists, producing the intro tracks to SSGKobe’s Debut Ep “KO” and $NOT’s upcoming album “Ethereal.” Julián’s sensitivity to the vision and expression of other artists is a manifestation of his self-reflective journey in finding his own voice. His sound has taken several forms: Suave crooner, impressionistic songwriter, vivid storyteller, and groovy hit-maker. 

In moving the focus of his career to releasing his own singles, Julián is poised to explode in 2022. Listen to his first single, “NN12” and check him out on socials at the links below.

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