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Friday, May 7, 2021

King Lil G Lives Like a Boss in "Mexican Trap"

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Today, Los Angeles rapper King Lil G releases the hard-hitting lead single “Mexican Trap” from his upcoming album Gangster Movie. With the single, he takes his sound into new territory, integrating bounce-worthy production and bulletproof bars in both English and Spanish. Along with being a songwriter, the multitalented King Lil G shows off his chops as a director too. The music video, directed by and starring himself, shows the dangerous life of a boss surrounded by luxury cars, jewelry, and beautiful women. 

King Lil G explains, “I wanted to start rapping about what my life has become. There’s nobody else doing what I do as a Mexican-American and I’m here to show the world with this new sound and direction mixing English with Spanish over trap beats that a Mexican can take this sound to the next level. I’m here to stay and King Lil G is going to the top.”
“Mexican Trap” follows his album 90’s Kid, Vol 2 released in 2020. That project featured the singles “Unemployment” and “Hollowtips” that gained over 5 million views on YouTube, with the latter featured on Apple Music’s “Hot Tracks” playlist and hitting #11 on YouTube’s trending videos. His dedicated fanbase has led to over half a billion YouTube views and 1 million subscribers, along with 100 million Spotify streams and 3 million followers across social media.

King Lil G is a true artist with an honest message of hope. Creator of Sucios, “a positive movement that has to do with freedom and not being afraid to accomplish and do things. It’s empowerment for those that don’t think they can make it and come from nothing.” His music packs a punch dealing with the harsh realities of street life growing up in Los Angeles. The independent rap superstar makes a strong point to give his dedicated fan-base motivational messages of self-empowerment despite any circumstance. 

G has driven more than half a billion YouTube views with more than 1 Million subscribers. His reach is staggering, with over 100 million Spotify streams and 3 million followers on social media. With a passion for music as well as the visuals that tell the story he cultivated a dream through hard work and sacrifice. Now, the highly-accomplished rapper, producer and director readies himself with a new sound. “A lot of my music talked about my past,” says the artist whose work has been praised by VICE, XXL, and VIBE, among others. “Now, I’m rapping about my present.” 

As an independent veteran, the artist born Alex Gonzalez recalls treating his early songs, albums, and tours as a demo of sorts, hoping to attract interest from the big labels. “As the years went by, I dropped videos that went into the millions heavy; I went on tour selling out tons of shows. I always challenged myself to do better. I kept trying to get to that ultimate level, not realizing that I already moved my own machine and created my lane.” By the time labels were reaching out, they had nothing to offer. Today, G wants to share that mentality with his base as a high school dropout from the often avoided parts of L.A. “I want people to use my life as motivation,” he explains. The longtime inspiration wants to create aspiration, encouraging listeners that they can do it too.

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