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Friday, September 25, 2020

TheTRENDTalk Renewed for a 4th Season on METV Channel 52

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Latin Heat Media, a multi-media company focused on creating content for and about U.S. Latinos, announced their pick up for a fourth season of TheTRENDTalk talk show on the MeTV local Channel 54. The premiere will be on October 4st, 2020 coinciding with a special Hispanic Heritage Month special. Season four also welcomes Emmy award-winning actress/producer Marabina Jaimes as producer and co-host alongside executive producer/co-host, Bel Hernandez.

“We are so proud to be able to continue bringing our Latina voice to the talk show table for a 4th season of TheTRENDTalk on METV Channel 54 LA,” said Hernandez. “Nationally TheTRENDTalk can be seen on Instagram, our YoutTube channel and We are excited to begin production on 13 new episodes for METV!

TheTRENDTalk is known for highlighting an array of remarkable individuals who are making a positive impact in today’s society through their extraordinary efforts, amazing accomplishments and contributions. Guests have included successful entrepreneurs, influencers, comedians, celebrities, TV producers, medical professionals, activists and philanthropists all trending in their fields.

“We are the Latina Voice when it comes to broadcast TV. We can’t think of any other talk show that shares the American Latina perspective stemming from the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood California; reaching TV, social media platforms, and YouTube!,” said Jaimes. “Latinas stand to make the deciding factor in politics and policy….there are so many entrepreneurs, educators, and creatives working diligently to not only change the same old narrative, but who are invested in the importance and pride of Latina Legacy. I’m so excited to be a part of this extraordinary show!”

Hernandez and Jaimes first met as actors several years ago. Since then, Hernandez’s life took a turn into journalism, establishing the first entertainment trade publication in Hollywood, while Jaimes went on to win an Emmy for her hosting of the PBS show Storytime. Still an actress, Jaimes is a powerhouse in the voice over arena, having worked in countless TV and films, including voicing Mary Alice on “Desperate Housewives” en Español, for the run of the show. The chemistry of this dynamic duo is undeniable and keeps audiences engaged and wanting more.

Guests on TheTRENDTalk have included:

Nicholas Gonzalez (The Good Doctor); Edward James OlmosJoe Minoso (Chicago Fire); ChiquisAndrea Navedo (Jane The Virgin); Justina Machado (One Day at a Time); Comedian Momo Rodriguez; Writer/Producer Luisa LeschinLisa Vidal (Becoming Mary Jane); Fabrizio Guido (Mr. Iglesias on Netflix); Dr. Mario Martinez, Neuropsychologist; Singer/Songwriter Dan Navarro; Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz…and so many more!

TheTRENDTalk premieres on October 4, 2020 on MeTV’s KAZA-TV Channel 54, Dish 54 and is widely available on Spectrum and other cable providers throughout Southern California. You can also find the 2nd run of the show on YouTube, IGTV and Facebook. Please check or your local listings for additional channels.

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